Buying Property

The thought of buying a house and becoming a homeowner can seem overwhelming. Some questions you may have already faced:

  • “Where do I begin?”
  • “How much can I afford?”
  • “What about taxes, insurance, termite bonds?”
  • “What are ‘closing costs’?”

With a licensed Realtor by your side, you will have a mentor to guide you through the processes, answer your questions and take out the intimidation. It is my job to connect you with the right people in lending, and help you navigate every aspect of home buying; this is a very exciting experience.

How long does it take to buy a house?

It depends. Surely not the most straightforward answer, but there are a lot of factors that come in the play when purchasing a home. Most of the timeline is dependent on the buyer’s motivation to do paperwork and their type of financing. Obviously, a cash offer is the fastest option. Next is the conventional loan, followed by FHA, VA and other special programs.

For a motivated buyer, you can average a couple of months depending on financing. Therefore, it’s always good to start early and talk to a lender before looking at property. One of the issues buyers run into when looking at property before pre-approval is finding the home of their dreams and watching someone else buy it before their financing is approved.

So if you’re thinking of buying a home, even in the next year, it is vital to start talking with your Realtor and lender as soon as possible. The more aware you are as a buyer about the market and financing options, the easier it is to get through closing and into that home of your dreams.

Let’s get started.

Here I break things down into the simplest form (we can get into the details together)

Step 1: Talk to a Realtor
Congratulations! You’ve already made your first step. The responsibilities of your realtor are much more than sitting around empty houses on Sunday afternoons and occasionally driving you around the neighborhood. I am a proactive member of your home buying team!

Step 2: Talk to a Lender
If you don’t have one in mind, don’t worry. I have great references to get you started. The lender is then going to take the helm in getting you pre-qualified. (If you’re not feeling confident about your credit score, they can help you get on the right path!)

Step 3: The fun part
Now that you have your pre-approval letter, you can start to think about what neighborhood you want to call home and all the fun bells and whistles your home will have. Once you have established your financial needs and desires with lender, you can really start looking at what’s out there for you.

These (overly simplified) steps describe the beginning process of becoming a homeowner. So let’s sit down and get things started.
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