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Savannah Georgia!

Savannah is not only a beautiful city, but also a great place to call home. There are so many amazing facets to the city and it’s surroundings, it is impossible to summarize the experiences living here will offer.

32569828_mlSavannah’s natural beauty is beyond compare; where else can you find a metropolitan area of almost 150,000 residents that can barely be seen from above the trees? Having one of the world’s largest urban tree canopies, Savannah’s immense Live Oaks shade the city like no other place on the east coast. Savannah also has a rich history, visible in building architecture and many open plazas, that pairs beautifully with the local fauna. Oftentimes visitors will only see a glimpse into Savannah’s historic past. Although a trip to Bonaventure is a must see, it pales in comparison to the ongoing efforts of some of the cities leading historic preservation organizations.
Aside from its natural beauty and historic charm, Savannah really does have something for everyone. Tybee Island beach is less than a 30 minutes drive from downtown. The historic Grayson Stadium adds a glimpse into the past of America’s favorite pastime. Forsyth Park is always bustling with activity from rugby games to doggie carnivals to concerts in the park! Not to mention the film and music festivals hosted downtown. Savannah is truly has it all with a big city feel and a small town heart.
SAV Realty and You
So you’re convinced, Savannah is the place for you. What is next on the road to finding that perfect dream house? Now you need to find someone with the right qualifications of professionalism, reliability and who is knowledgeable about the area. Here at SAV Realty these are our main goals in making your home buying or selling experience as effective as possible.

31444205_mlWe strive to uphold the highest standards of professionalism in looking out for your needs. Our clients are our top priority. This isn’t a transaction; it’s your home. The biggest complaint people have about realtors is that they’re pushy salespeople and are never available when you need them. This is not the case. At SAV Realty we believe that communication is key to every relationship. Whether you’re looking to move tomorrow or in 3 years, we’re happy to help you get and stay on the right track. Homeownership is a big deal and nothing to take lightly. If you’re not ready now, then neither are we. But if you are, then let’s start today!
The key to an effective home search or sale is being knowledgeable about the area and current market trends specific to that area. This doesn’t mean that one can simply look on a map and know that the area has a grocery store. It means being on the ground and knowing the neighborhood and what it has to offer. This is done by being an active member of the community for over 10 years and honestly caring about the growth and development of Savannah as a whole.

Working with SAV Realty

SAV Realty offers clients an alternative to a larger brokerage while still having the technology and expertise.

“In expanding SAV Realty, I am able to provide my clients with so much more. Historic Savannah has so much to offer for those looking to rent, buy or sell their current home.” -Aimée