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Listing with Pets

Pets are not just furry friends to negotiate when selling your home, they’re vital members of the family that have needs too! So it’s not uncommon to have concerns when inviting prospective buyers to view your home while your pets are at home. Here are some easy ways to smooth the way for stress free furbabies and buyers alike.


Be sure that it is well communicated that you have pets and where they will be. If nothing else, a printed sign when you walk in the door works wonders to introduce your pet, tell the prospective buyer and their agent where the pet is going to be, if they will be caged or roaming and maybe a reminder to keep doors shut for a skittish cat. Oftentimes, when buyers are looking at home with their agent, they look at 6 or more and might not remember pet instructions for each house. It never hurts to add a friendly reminder so no one walks in on the nicest rottweiler named Cujo when they least expect it.

Big dogs love walks.

Ultimately, the best method for showing your home with larger pets or dogs that are not kenneled is by taking them on walks. Not the most convenient method, but ideal if possible. If a friend or the neighborhood kid can help with alleviate some of the burden, even better. Sometimes you have to get a little creative.


Another alternative to putting off showings is to work with a friend that may also have a furbaby and drop them off during the day if you are unable to take them to work. More and more companies are allowing employees to take their pets to work. If your company does not allow for this, see if you can pool with a friend to have playdates while you’re home is having showings.

It is not always easy accommodating the furriest of family members when selling your home, but there is a solution for every type of pet. Although it may be inconvenient at times, a key ingredient in selling your home is showing your home. No one is going to buy a home they cannot see and our furry friends may have to suffer in the short term, but will greatly appreciate the bigger better backyard at your new home.

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