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What No One Tells You About Homeownership In Savannah

worth itYou will have to work on your home.

No matter if you’re buying new construction or a fixer-upper, working on your home is inevitable. There is always something to be done even if it’s changing out-dated light fixtures or freshening up with a new coat of paint. Then when you finally get everything to where it’s just right something happens….like a baby or work move or someone enlightens you to exactly how ugly that avocado green in your kitchen really is. These are the inevitabilities of life, but don’t be deterred because it’s what also makes it fun.

You will have to work around your home.

Similar to working on your home, there will be elements of your property that seem to always disagree with your grand design. For example, last fall the city of Savannah decided that the mature trees in my front yard needed to be ‘put out to pasture’. Sigh, my baby trees do not provide the same amount of shade but will eventually someday. It was good to learn that the city will replace trees on city property though.

You are under constant attack.

Wind, sleet, rain, termites, palmetto bugs, critters!! Batten down the hatches and call an exterminator. Particularly with older or historic homes, you’ve got a great thing going on and tiny critters are not blind to that. An opening the size of a quarter and be the gateway to Eden for such rodents and calling the exterminator helps, but you will have prevent future intrusions.

It’s hard work.

The annual upkeep, cleaning, small projects, big projects; it’s all a lot of work. Certain times of year you start to feel like you live in a Home Depot and get to know more about the layout than most employees!

It’s totally worth it!

In the end, your house is not just a place hang your hate; it’s home. The joys of homeownership far outweigh the hassles of maintenance and upkeep. At the end of the day, as a homeowner, there’s nowhere left to go back to because you’re already there.

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