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One in a Million

White bg KW_RGBIn 2015 Keller Williams became the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count. So what? Does it make a difference if I work with a company that has over 112,000 associates?

Yes! Working with an industry leader isn’t just about the numbers; it’s about the experience. Keller Williams offers innovative solutions to agents on continuing education, technology and networking.

There is an amazing amount of training offered to agents of all levels. So even new agents at Keller Williams start on the ground running. A huge stress is placed on customer service, understanding the industry and adapting to changing environments. Each month there is a calendar of training classes and one-on-one sessions. These all come on top of monthly meetings to keep abreast on current issues in the area. Last month it was federal changes to lending forms and before that what’s happening in the pipeline for flood insurance. In these meetings, working industry professionals are invited to speak on current trends, topics and legislation.

After keeping current and knowledgeable, the second and possibly greatest advantage to working with a Keller Williams agent is technology. Technology rules our lives! Technology also enables buyers to get the most convenient, up-to-date information and seller to get the greatest exposure of their property. We work with apps to find, sell and maintain your home as well as a leading database system to maximize listing exposure.

The final cog in the wheel is family. Keller Williams is not just a company, but it really is a family of professionals all working to provide excellent service to customers in need. The Keller Williams family is a worldwide network and not only hosts local, but also national events that connect agents from all over. How does this affect me you ask? Having an agent connected locally and nationally increases exposure to sell your house or to buy one that may not even be on the market yet. So much of real estate is networking and making connections. Working together is really the meat and potatoes behind the invaluable gleam of technology.

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